Digital Banking: Revolut’s New Phone Plans Take Flight

Revoult: Digital Banking

Digital banking pioneer Revolut enters the mobile arena with international phone plans. The days of exorbitant international roaming charges may be numbered for UK travelers. Digital banking giant Revolut has thrown its hat into the mobile phone ring, offering affordable and flexible international phone plans designed to keep you connected wherever your wanderlust takes you. But with established players like Three and Vodafone already in the game, can Revolut truly revolutionize the travel SIM market?

Revolut’s Phone Plan Proposition:

Revolut’s phone plans come in two flavors: Standard and Plus. Both offer unlimited calls and texts within the UK and a generous data allowance for international use, ranging from 1GB to 100GB depending on the plan and destination. The key differentiator lies in data rollover: Standard plans forfeit unused data, while Plus allows you to save it for future trips, adding flexibility and value.

Competitive Edge and Potential Benefits:

Revolut boasts competitive pricing compared to traditional travel SIM cards and mobile network roaming charges. Additionally, their global reach is impressive, covering over 50 countries with no hidden fees or markups. Here’s how travelers could benefit:

  • Freedom from roaming shock bills: Say goodbye to unexpected charges and enjoy predictable, transparent pricing.
  • Flexibility and control: Choose your data allowance based on your needs and roll unused data over with the Plus plan.
  • Seamless integration:┬áManage your phone plan directly within the familiar Revolut app, simplifying your travel experience.

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Questions and Considerations:

While Revolut’s offering seems promising, some questions remain:

  • Network coverage: Does Revolut offer reliable network coverage in all its supported destinations?
  • Data speed: What data speeds can users expect, particularly in remote areas?
  • Customer support: How accessible and responsive is Revolut’s customer support for travel-related issues?

Potential Disruption and the Future:

Revolut’s entry into the travel SIM market has the potential to shake things up. Their innovative approach, combined with competitive pricing and global reach, could appeal to budget-conscious and frequent travelers. However, established players have their own strengths and loyal customer bases. The future of this competition will depend on how effectively Revolut addresses potential concerns and delivers on its promises.


Revolut’s phone plans offer an intriguing alternative for UK travelers seeking affordable and convenient international connectivity. While they face established competitors, their innovative approach presents a unique opportunity. Whether they truly revolutionize the travel SIM market remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: competition breeds innovation, and ultimately, travelers stand to benefit.